NETGEAR Product Security Advisory

NETGEAR’s mission is to be the innovative leader in connecting the world to the internet. To achieve this mission, we strive to earn and maintain the trust of our customers by delivering products that are secure and that will protect the privacy and security of our customers data.

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We appreciate having security concerns brought to our attention and are constantly monitoring our products to get in front of the latest threats. Being pro-active rather than re-active to emerging security issues is a fundamental belief at NETGEAR. Every day new security issues develop. NETGEAR strives to keep up-to-date on the latest security developments by working with both security researchers and companies. We appreciate the community's efforts in creating a more secure world.

NETGEAR Security Advisory Newsletter
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To protect users, NETGEAR does not publicly announce security vulnerabilities until fixes are publicly available, nor are the exact details of such vulnerabilities released. Once fixes are available, vulnerabilities shall be announced on NETGEAR's Product Support website and in the newsletter.

Release Date
Security Updates
01/27/2017 Security Advisory for Insecure Timestamp Password Vulnerability, PSV-2016-0254

12/22/2016 Insecure Remote Access and Command Execution Security Vulnerability

12/11/2016 Security Advisory for CVE-2016-6277, PSV-2016-0245

10/24/2016 SSL Renegotiation Denial of Service Vulnerability

10/04/2016 DGN2200v4 Command Execution and FTP Insecure Root Directory Security Vulnerability

07/14/2016 NETGEAR genie App for Android Hard-coded API Key and Session ID Vulnerability

06/03/2016 Path Traversal Attack Security Vulnerability

05/31/2016 Arlo WiFi Default Password Security Vulnerability

05/09/2016 Web GUI Password Recovery and Exposure Security Vulnerability

04/22/2016 D3600 and D6000 HTTPS Certificate and Private Key Security Vulnerability

04/20/2016 CVE-2016-2118 – Notification

04/07/2016 D3600 and D6000 Password Security Key Vulnerability

04/05/2016 CVE-2016-1557 – Notification

04/05/2016 CVE-2016-1556 – Notification

04/05/2016 CVE-2016-1555 - Notification

03/01/2016 CVE-2015-7547 Notification

02/08/2016 ReadyNAS Surveillance